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Carpets & Floors

Carpets & Floors

The friendly reliable team at Teague's Commercial and Domestic Services offers carpet cleaning, auto scrubbing for hardwood flooring and steam cleaning for vinyl flooring throughout Dunedin. Whether you’re after a one-off carpet clean, a yearly clean or a carpet clean every few months, Teague's Commercial and Domestic Services can help. 

Dunedin Carpet Cleaners

Regular thorough floor cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and improve the health of your home or business. Flooring and carpet easily collect dust, debris, skin cells, hair, sand and dirt, and all sorts of microscopic contaminants, bacteria and waste. A regular clean can not only look great but can improve your overall health and the air quality in your home or business. A deep clean can help improve outcomes for people particularly prone to asthma and allergies. 

We recommend you look at getting a full carpet clean when:

  • Selling a home
  • Ending a tenancy
  • After a large event
  • When coming into Spring
  • As an odour control preventative if you have pets
  • The carpet is looking particularly worn
  • You have high traffic areas showing wear
  • You’re looking to remove a significant stain

For carpet cleaning we use carpet shampoo and have specific formulas for fighting particular stains. Our hot water carpet cleaners dislodge dirt and debris, actively removing dust, dirt and grime. A thorough hot water clean can extend the life of your carpet as dirt and sand can wear away carpet fibres and reduce their lifespan.

Dunedin Floor Cleaners

For large hardwood floors we can autoscrub the hardwood (which we recommend you consider doing on a monthly basis). We also offer upholstery cleaning of lounge suites and other furniture.

Regular carpet and floor cleaning not only benefits your home but helps with general health and hygiene. Our powerful carpet cleaning machinery removes dirt, debris, pollens and hair which can build up. Cleaning this can reduce the allergens in your home or business and benefit the air you breath inside.

If you need your carpets or floors cleaned in Dunedin, talk to us today about your home or business.